June 29th, 2004


Go **** yourself.

Useful phrase, that one. Apparently the Vice President thought so, too.

We've had as bad or worse on the floor of the Senate...even had one beating, too. And I bet Cheney could take Leahy, even without a cane. Sounds like we're getting back to our democratic roots.

Sorta wish he'd chosen another phrase instead, though.

And I'm off again

All in all, I much prefer climbing up a ladder onto a ship than down a ladder into a small boat, so tomorrow's ride out to the ship won't be a problem. Must remember to wrap computer again. My handwriting has deteriorated so bad that I just as well not even bother.


"Back Door Draft" sounds like something we shouldn't ask about. ;o) Seriously, though, there's definitely one untruth in the Reuters article that I read. LJ's been iffy, so no article link...but if you visit the KT, my comments are there.


And for the record, I hate doing fitness report inputs when I know darned well that I've not really done a thing.