June 20th, 2004


How stupid was he?

Friday at work I fell in with a group of women who all had ex-husbands, and of course we all ended up discussing them. "My Ex was dumb," I say, and of course the ladies all nod in agreement. That's what you say, right?

But then I went on to explain.

See, the Ex bought a new car right after we separated. He got himself a shiny new Mustang convertable in robin's egg blue. Lovely car.

He lived in Alameda, which is right across a narrow channel from Oakland. Three (maybe two) bridges and a pair of tunnels connect Alameda to Oakland, and one of those bridges is on Park Street.

So he parks his spiffy car in front of the bar on Park Street--did I mention that spiffy car is uninsured because of a DUI?--forgets to put on the Club--oh, and the installed car alarm is broken--and goes into the bar.

Of course it wasn't there when he came back out.

Really, he was a nice fellow. Just not so bright. I even felt sorry for him when he felt the need to make sure I saw the open pack of condoms in the glove box, just so I'd know he was moving onward.

And if you think really hard, you'll probably figure out why I married him in the first place.
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It's all about the smells...

I discovered today that the smell of strong cheese mixed with the smell of shrimp brings back memories of a very long night in my life...

But we don't do things like that any more.
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Underway bits

Just a reminder that I'll be gone until Thursday, probably more like Friday since I'll have class when I come back.


Sorted out most of the "But what about--?" questions for the husband-killer story. Talked them out with hubby tonight while we waited for our table at El Torito, and it all made sense to him.

Will probably finish it up underway.


Speaking of underway...the earlier post mentioned smells. I don't think I have the words to describe ship-smell. Oil, sweat, bodies, cooking, exhaust...it all fuses into one single, unique, unmistakeable odor. The kid loves the smell, and I imagine that's because Mama smelled like ship (say that one fast, eh?) for most of her tender years.