June 18th, 2004



I was skipping along LiveJournal friend lists (I was bored) and came to something that really made my day.

'Twas an entry in grey_bear's journal, which, admittedly I do not normally read. Let me quote:
Jesus F. Christ

And you wonder why we Brits think of you Americans as a bunch of thick shits...

So I looked at the Snopes entry, of course, and scrolled down. The whole idea of Mississippi eliminating fractions and decimals sounded off, and the accompanying text sounded even more far-fetched. Then I saw the little icon that said "More information about this page", and started laughing. A bit from that link:
Claim: Common sense dictates that you should never fully rely upon someone else to do fact checking for you. But who has time for common sense?
Origins: If you're reading this page, chances are you're here because something about one or all of the entries in The Repository Of Lost Legends (TROLL) section of this site struck you as a tadge suspect, if not downright wrong.

If any or all of the stories in this section caused your internal clue phone to ring, we hope you didn't let the answering machine take the call. That niggling little voice of common sense whispering to you in the background was right — there was something wrong with what you read.

You've just had an enounter with False Authority Syndrome.

Everything in this section is a spoof. Mister Ed was no more a zebra than the origin of the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence had anything to do with pirates on a recruiting drive. As for Mississippi's doing away with teaching fractions and decimals in its school systems because kids find them too hard to master, that's no more true than....

Lots of things I could say, but the whole thing speaks for itself, doesn't it?
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Saw a clip

of that Moore movie. In it, he asks a member of Congress if his child will be joining the military, with the implication that no member of Congress has relatives in the war zones. Guess he didn't ask Rep. Hunter. And I guess Rep. Buyer didn't get asked, but then again, it isn't a relative that Rep. Buyer was willing to send off. It was himself, but the Army decided not to activate him...which was a damned good call, in my opinion.

High-profile servicemembers, such as Rep Buyer, or the Bush twins, are a danger to their unit in this age of media.

See, I'm not usually impressed with the "Sunday Night Movie" when it is Based on a True Story, so why should I be impressed with Moore's Based on a Documentary movie?