June 15th, 2004


What a day.

SnoozeSnoozeSnooze...and then I finally crawled out of bed a half-hour after the first alarm. Shower, dress, skip the usual computer stuff, wake the kid, grab a coke, and out the door I go. I notice the nearly-empty gas gauge for the truck, start it up anyway, change the radio station, and start backing up.

Hear very loud, very unusual noise. Now, normally, I can describe the noises my truck makes when it's not feeling well, but this was new. Not a squeal, not a rumble, not a roar...some combination of all that changes in pitch with the engine load, and sounds very loud.

So I pull the truck back into the parking spot and back inside I go, where I learn that the noise is no news for the hubby.

So I announce that I'll call work shortly and go sit down to read my book-of-entertainment (Dave Duncan's Paragon Lost) and eventually call when I think the senior chief will be there. Let senior know that I'm having car troubles and will be in after dropping off the kid at school.

Meanwhile, hubby regards me as if I am overreacting.

Today's schedule is busy. Hubby has two karate events, kid has jazzercise, and I start that Biology class tonight. Fortunately, by the time I slip out at lunch, the karate has been cancelled, the truck is in the shop, and the rest of the day is smoothing out.

Turns out that the truck has a pinhole leak in the power steering, which squirts onto a belt that keeps truck running smoothly. $330 to fix. Sigh.

Now it's a matter of the truck getting fixed before Katie needs picked up. She might have to miss Jazzercise, because there's only a half hour between the end of her Jazzercise and the beginning of my class...and they're not located close together.

And I don't even know how many classes I'm permitted to miss. If it's less than three, I am already lost because of some already scheduled underway time. CrapCrapCrap.


The sun is shining.

I am not deployed on sea duty.

It's payday.

And we are all healthy.

So things aren't so bad.