June 6th, 2004



My grandfather was there. I didn't find out that he was with General Bradley's staff (as a guard) until I was in college. Grandpa didn't talk much about the war, and he certainly didn't talk war with his womenfolk. His only story was about being on guard in England and nearly shooting an admiral who was in too much of a hurry to show proper ID.

Some time later, after Grandpa passed away, I found a copy of General Bradley's biography, and saw this picture:

Grandma, Mom, and all of my aunts and uncles think the fellow in the back looks like Grandpa.

I sure wish I knew for sure if it was him.

And I still miss him terribly.


Been reading a bunch of discontented fan-whines about how Prisoner of Azkaban left out important stuff, and how I, Robot is going to be horrible, and how even Lord of the Rings was wrong in several areas.

Started thinking about how I'd feel if I ever wrote a book that Hollywood was interested in making into a movie.

And I figured that I wouldn't mind what they did, so long as they left the money on the nightstand on the way out.
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Plagarism is lying.

Been watching Making Light's posts on plagarism here and here. Kiddo had some sort of writing due in class...a book report, I think. She was very distressed when Mama woudn't let her simply copy out the description on the back of the book.

We called it "pretending you did something that you did not." In other words, "lying." She got the point.

On eeeee-e-bay

Experiencing booklust again for a lot of 25 old books. I can't really afford more books right now, but I still have booklust.

But then I looked at the seller's feedback. I never buy from anyone who leaves mean-spirited feedback in retaliation for less than positive feedback. I figure I don't need to be doing business with jerks.

So now I have booklust, but I'll just have to get over it. Unless I find something else that sparks my interest.