May 31st, 2004


More alike than some folks want to admit.

Two articles on schools.

Article 1:

Public schools have successfully removed almost all mention of God from their books and traditional practices. This is supposedly a secular institution, promoting tolerance and respect for all religions. However, the reality is that there is a lack of consistent policy on religious accommodation. Children grow up in an atmosphere that is cynical about God's existence. It is not just an immoral environment, but an amoral one. As Dostoevsky said, "Without God, everything is possible," implying that not fearing God opens the door to all kinds of sins.

Article 2:

"Government schools are by their own confession humanistic and secular in their instruction, [and] the education offered by the government schools is officially Godless"

Many states allow for charter schools. Now, what if...just what if parents could choose to put their child into a faith-based charter school? Charter schools are a choice; no one is forced to attend why not? I'm not saying turn out little KKK members or budding mujahadeen...but still. Why not give it a chance?

Of course, the very idea runs smack into the "separation of church and state" idea, but faith-based public education does not establish religion, particularly if many religions are permitted to form charter schools. In a society that values diversity, why is faith not valued?

Besides, one might argue that failing to fund faith-based public schools actually deprives poor parents of the free exercise of their religion.

Just some thoughts.
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