May 10th, 2004


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This quote, from the New York Times, really gets to me. It's from the uncle of one of the accused Abu Ghraib soldiers--the fellow who got the pictures into the news:

"The Army had the opportunity for this not to come out, not to be on 60 Minutes," he said. "But the Army decided to prosecute those six G.I.'s because they thought me and my family were a bunch of poor, dirt people who could not do anything about it. But unfortunately, that was not the case."

Huh. And here I thought the Army decided to prosecute those six--now seven--because they did those things in the pictures. Because nothing can excuse that sort of behavior--not a lack of procedures, a lack of training, or even unlawful orders.

And the Mudville Gazette has some lovely links in its timeline, including a CNN story from January that mentions pictures. I guess some congressional staffers weren't doing their job, if they didn't bother to mention the article to their congressman. Or congresswoman. "Congressperson" just sounds too dumb to use.
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Inspired by novelnovelbits.

Yowling, fighting, yelling...silence. The woman sat up in bed, glaring into the dark corner, where the cat sat licking the last of her nightmare from his paws.
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Late Mother's Day

For mother's day, I have a lovely pen with micro-beads in blue and green and silver. "I picked those colors because they're dragon colors, and we're sort of dragon people." Gotta love that kid! Also, have a neat handmade card of woven blue and yellow strips, with a red monster inside.

I hear footsteps upstairs. I think I shall go try to get another hug.