April 28th, 2004


Feeling more like me

I've started being more me these past two weeks than I've felt for a couple of months. Maybe it was going to sea. Maybe it was something else.

Who knows. Anyhow, starting to write a bit more fanfic to get back in the saddle. It makes my mind shift into writing mode again. Two solo posts in three days...and suddenly, I'm hearing Alessandra and Roald again (from the NaNovel). And that other pair, the prince and princess story--I'm hearing them too. Now I just have to sit down and write what they are telling me.


In other news...I am such a wimp. I hate getting immunizations, and I hate getting a PPD.


And I feel so dumb for getting excited that my rotation date change request went through. But it did, and I'll be going to sea in June 2005.