April 25th, 2004


Lazy Sunday morning.

Got up late - last in the household, save the cat sleeping at the foot of the bed. Of course, she was probably taking her morning nap.

Replied to a few fanfic coposts, putzed on the internet, took over the world in Rise of Nations, potted up a bit of verbena...and all still in my jammies. Hubby washing the laundry...life is good.

To do today:
- Email back the line edits.
- Go buy pot for strawberries & container mix for veggie box.
- Help hubby build the vegetable box. (if required)
- SCANS matrix for internship.
- Write something.

To do tomorrow:

- Plant things in veggie box.
- Write something.
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The veggie box didn't get built, I didn't buy tomatoes, I haven't finished the line edits, the only thing I've written is fanfic, and I've not got the matrix going.

Go underachieving me!

But I did get the geranium and potted it, and got some lovely oregano plants.