April 23rd, 2004


More pots, more plants.

Plant shopping again. Whee! Got:

Sixpack of small basil plants, now bedded together in a very large terra cotta pot.

Dwarf carnations, white. I couldn't resist their spicy smell. Planned for the blue-rimmed terra cotta pot with the dragonfly painted on the side.

Lovely blue delphinium. Going into a new glazed green pot. The blue is similar to the lobelia. Of course, once I got home I discovered that the dratted thing is very poisonous, but the kid is old enough not to chew on the plants and the cats...well, I figure the cats will keep grazing on the lawn. Must consult the hubby.

Some sort of yellow daisy. The petals are yellow underneath, more creamy on top, so they have sort of a hint of brown to them. They will go in the red-brown glazed pot that I got last weekend.

Purple heliotrope. I liked the name of this strange plant, and I liked the way it looks. It goes, I think, in a yellow terra cotta pot.

Nasturtiums, color unknown. The kid seemed interested in eating some, so I picked up a plant and we've already potted it in a green terra cotta pot.

A sixpack of strawberries. Will probably go buy one of those odd pots we always put hen&chicken plants in.

A sixpack of vivid red-purple verbena. These will go in a variety of small pots to give more dimension to the pot garden. (Pot as in pots for plants, not the marijuana kind.)

A sixpack of irish moss for the rock pile. The pansies sitting on top will probably move over to join the rest of the plants around the AC unit.

So there's still one large, vivid blue pot remaining, and I think it's going to get a big red geranium. I've also one gray-green pot left, that has held two rosemary bushes in the past. I think hubby let them die on purpose so that he could have rosemary barbeque skewers.

Reminder to self: get thyme and marjoram.

Oh, and apologies if any of the links had popups. My firewall is quite good at stopping them.


The delphiniums have given me an idea to squirrel away for writing use later...I see a tossed salad with bright blue delphiniums, and a distressed wife bemoaning, "I told him nasturtiums!"