April 22nd, 2004


And back.

Looong week on big ship. And I went from top to bottom one day. I definitely want small ships in the future. The underway really stimulated my memory of sea stories and tech stories. Recorded about 1500 words in an hour...must use as source material later.

And of course, there were three emails that would have been nice to get during the week:
1. The returned 398C assignment, which got full points.
2. An email from the fellow about the internship stuff (eek, and that was Tues. I knew I ought to have sent him an email saying I was underway.)
3. The line edits for the story--and it looks like it'll be up next month. Whee!

And I'm too darned tired to do much of anything. $%#%@ meetings at 2330....
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Hubby planted the jasmine I bought last weekend. I'd looked at a pot with a trellis already in it, but it was $45. I got a larger, healthier plant for $18 and a wooden trellis for $13. Anyhow, he actually did dig a hole and plant it, then just tied the mass of vines against the trellis so that I could arrange it as I wanted. It is going to smell wonderful when it blooms.

The pansies in the small terra cotta pots are looking wilted. I suspect they didn't get watered. The ones in the copper boxes look better, and the bacopa has gone insane.

Tree-bob the ficus is doing well, as is the creeping rosemary at his base.

The blue lobelia is growing taller than the false heather in the copper tub. Oh, well. That Miracle-Gro potting soil is nice. The lobelia is blooming, and I love it.

We've about decided to build the vegetable box across a corner, having a triangular bed instead of a square one. Since the ugly old table is now disassembled, I wonder if I can recycle it into a planting bed. A bit of paint might touch up the weatherbeaten wood enough. Hubby will go along with my plans if I tell him he can go buy a circular saw to cut it. ;o)

Have four pots arrayed around the AC unit, but they are still empty. I'm thinking of tall plants, perhaps even planting basil in one. There's a lovely boxleaf hedge plant that might look nice, and so would deep red geraniums. I could always get a rosemary hedge, or plant some basil. What I put there depends on what goes in the veggie box. Thyme is definitely going out there in a pot, but I need tall plants too. Need a couple more pots, too. So far we have an eclectic mix, with a lovely blue one, a large terra cotta, a brownish red like the pansies and the chairs in the kitchen, and a gray-green one that we already had. Thinking of a few small pots in similar colors to change up the height. Maybe I'll put thyme in a shorter pot.
And marjoram.

Silly, isn't it, to be so excited about such a small patch of yard? The bathroom is bigger, but hey, it's a yard. And as soon as that turkey-frying kettle gets out of there, it'll be a darned good looking little yard.

Especially if I get the solar powered lanterns.
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