April 18th, 2004



Reading a Boing Boing bit about the UCLA geophysicist and his earthquake prediction for LA led me to read the source article and several linked articles on the site. That, of course, made me remember the lovely Southern California Earthquake Data Center, so I spent time checking out last week's microquakes (and one small 3.4) in extreme Southern California. Then I browsed through the clickable fault map and some of the historical earthquake data for San Diego and the LA area.

We, by the way, are not in the predicted area, which makes the whole article more of an "oh, how interesting" rather than a "guess it's time to up the insurance" sort of thing. On one hand, I hope he is right, because being able to predict earthquakes would be so wonderful in terms of saving people. On the down side, I hope it doesn't happen, because people will die.

Another thought...keeping house insurance during fire season is hard enough and worse when we're having a high-danger year; imagine trying to keep it when an earthquake has been predicted.
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My weekends are mine again! Free at last!

And yet not free. As soon as Cuthroat Island is finished, I have to pack for tomorrow's underway. Blech.
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