April 16th, 2004


So tired...

So I bailed from work right about the time everyone left for the Change of Command Ceremony that I didn't have to go to and therefore avoided like any good sailor.

Come home, then head off to pick up the kid at 1130 because her papa now has stuff to do for the karate school. Our parent-teacher conference is at 1300, so it's off to the thrift store to buy a book so the kid has something to do while I talk to the teacher. Found The Man with the Golden Gun for 30 cents, and Death is a Lonely Business for $1, both in hardcover. No suitable book for kid. Off to Salvation Army down the street, where we find eight books that suit, including The Black Stallion and Gentle Ben. A quick pass through a Jack in the Box drive-thru for chicken strips, and it's back to school for the conference.

Once at home, I reply to the message on the machine and we were off again to H's, one of my classmates, to help with the joint project for 469 (It was 398C that had me writing madly on Monday). Hubby still not back so kid goes too, and has great fun exploring the many things that H has onhand for his grandkids to play with, including the swing set. V still there in uniform, so I've some idea how long they've been workign already. Spend the next several hours hunched over the computer doing cut & paste and edit and write and building organizational charts. H fed us all pizza. Left before the presentation was done, but the paper looks pretty good...if a bit short.

And now...I am tired.
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