April 14th, 2004



I was reading an article about Valley Fever spreading because of the wildfires, and was struck by a comment:

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. -- A deadly fungal infection called valley fever is spreading in and around Los Angeles. Dozens of people have become sick after being exposed to spores in the aftermath of last fall's wildfires.

Ventura County resident Carolyn Burnett (pictured, left) is a victim of valley fever. Since October, there have been at least 80 cases in Ventura County. Health officials report it's an epidemic. The 44-year-old got it by simply breathing.

"I still cry now because it's not fair that you can get something just from breathing because it's just not right and it ends up to where I can't even walk, or move at times. That's just how bad it is," Burnett said.

What has fair got to do with it? It's not fair that people with allergies have trouble simply breathing in the first place. Life isn't fair...I like the quote from The Princess Bride: "Life isn't fair, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something."

Bah. Had more to say, but have to leave for work if I want to park within a half mile.

Fast response

Wow. I got an email back from University of Phoenix already.

That was fast. So I'll let them tell me all about their graduate programs.

The new icon, by the way, is Samantha. It looks odd because she is lacking her upper fangs.

Container gardening.

Aphids are eating my pansies. The kid recommended lady bugs, but mama went for the Ortho (insecticide) quick fix.

We can order ladybugs later, for the next infestation.


While picking up the poison, I saw a long, molded foam box that would go nicely in front of the AC unit. I almost quibbled on the $40 price, but had decided to get one. Unfortunately, both were cracked, so even if I find a whole one I am not buying.

Perhaps I'll find something at the Exchange this weekend when I go for class. We're still considering sacrificing a section of grass (not that the grass is anything to brag about) to build a planter box for vegetables and herbs. I just haven't decided how big.

Oh...and I've decided to mix plantings of creeping rosemary into the rock pile blocking the hole under the fence. I just can't resist planting more rosemary.