April 12th, 2004


Nothing like it

No feeling is quite the same as the sudden realization that one has 24 hours to produce eight pages of research paper...and one has done only research and no writing.

I really, really thought it was due by midnight next Sunday...not midnight today.
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Three pages to go

I put little post-it flags with page numbers written on them to keep track, and I'm working on the seventh page.

I needed a bit of a break, so I went out for the mail. University of Phoenix sent me a flyer and a postage-paid envelope, so I thought, "Why not?" I marked the Master's box and a couple of programs that interest me (Counseling, Education, and Human Services) and dropped it back in the box.


1750 words, eight pages, all written between 0630 and 2200.

Too bad it wasn't fiction.

But I hope it's still A work.


The end project, with all of the appendices and previously worked material, ended up being 43 pages. I was going to print the discussion segment to read over before writing the conclusions and recommendations, but I think I killed the printer earlier today.

I want a better printer...higher capacity...perhaps photo quality? Please? Santa? Are you listening?

Maybe I can do what I did another year, when I really wanted a music box. I took Gene to the store, put it in his hands, and said, "This is what you are buying me for Mother's Day. And go ahead and get it today while we are sure it is in stock."

And bless him, he did.