April 10th, 2004


The yard

While raking up six months' worth of ficus leaves, Friday's grass clippings, and the results of my hostile pruning on the backyard tree, I discovered a nearly-cat-shaped hole in the gravel under the fence to the uphill neighbor's yard. Our yard is actually about a foot and a half lower than the one on the other side of the fence, and the slab doesn't go all the way to the carport back wall. Fortunately, a half-dozen or so large rocks have been sitting under the water spigot, so I moved some of those to block the hole under the fence.

One of them was beautifully irridescent in the sunlight, one was a streaky granite, and another was nothing more than a long, chipped landscaping brick. We shall wash the dirt from all of them, stack them attractively, and plant something in the nooks. Perhaps a scottish or irish moss, or maybe something else.

None shall pass that hole under the fence. ;o)

Next campaign: Have the old kitchen table removed from the yard before it collapses.
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