April 7th, 2004


Disruptive elements.

So today I disrupted a meeting I wasn't even attending.

There was this PowerPoint slide with a chart on it, and the axis was in the wrong place, and I was trying to help someone else fix it. We'd opened the Excel spreadsheet the data came from, but realized quickly that the chart wasn't a cut and paste since it didn't look the same. When another person walked into the office, the person I was trying to help asked him if he could fix it. As I was saying "I can't edit this chart object," I right clicked on the chart and got the little menu to edit the chart. "Fuck," I said, then looked at the other two. We all started laughing nearly hard enough to cry.

And that's when the Lieutenant poked his head in the door and said we were disrupting his meeting. But one of the other LTs offered us a cookie later.

In the end, we copied another slide that worked and changed the data in the slide. I still don't know what setting was messed up, but the presentation is fixed now.
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