March 31st, 2004


Things people forget

Iraq cost lots of money before 2001. One of these days, I'd really like to know how much it cost to enforce the no-fly zones and the UN sanctions in Iraq. I've forgotten how much it cost to take a DDG on a deployment (without considering personnel payroll and training) but I do know that we burned a lot of fuel. I suspect that the total bill (setting aside everything in this last year) is unbelievably huge, which is why we'll probably never know.

The French helped with actions against al-Quaida. (It was very amusing to listen to the French talk to the Italians in English over the radio nets.)

The Al-samoud II missiles had a longer range than permitted by the UN. Opinions on what happened after they were found vary.
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I go to work at the new place tomorrow.

On April Fool's Day.

I have named myself 15 of 20. One of my co-workers, who is going as well, has named herself 13 of 20.

We are having fun with this because we dare not do otherwise and end up depressed.

We are also recalling that Star Trek episode where they came up with the plan to infect the Borg with a virus.

We are the virus, out to infect the new place with the training philosophy of the old place.

Unless the collective crushes us.

Here's hoping for a good infection.
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