March 28th, 2004



Got the following email today...

Dear Fellow Writer:

This is directed to writers who would like to try their hand at playwriting, picking up the basic skills in a week--

all by e-mail. If interested, take a look at: It

appears slowly. Please be patient.

Juel West

Of course, this West person wants $100 of my money.

Interestingly enough, I found this on a cached Google page after running a search for "Playwrights/Actors Contemporary Theater" New York. The page was a theater listing or something:

Playwrights/Actors Contemporary Theater
Contact Info: Juel Wiese
105 W. 13 St., #56
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-929-7770
Fax: --

Wiese was the name showing in the email header, although I've learned not to trust them. Juel Weise shows up the artistic director for PACT on this site, and the author of a 1984 play for The Playwrights' Center of San Francisco.

I got an email last year from that Elisabeth von Hullessem chick for her scam workshop in Canada. From what I can tell, this email also went to five people, and the email addys match up with people on the Critters bio list by position. I shall forward it to Aburt...

Of course, I don't really mind that N. found me via the Critters bio page. That's a neat thing.
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