March 26th, 2004



So I was deleting my spam, and there's this email saying "I knew you in boot camp" in the title. Well, that was a new one, so I used the options to look at the sender info...and there wasn't anything hokey and it was only to me...

So I opened it.

It was someone I think of every so often, and wonder what happened to her. She found me on the Critters list...and only today I Googled myself and wondered if they'd ever take me off since I left a year ago....

How exciting! How cool!

And if any of you other Campbell's kids are out there from K087...yes, it's me. And I still have the tee shirt.
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What is it with online communities when folks decide they need to start adopting each other? At first, I thought it was just an oddity of a particular site, but now the HP site I visit now has uncles and nieces and mommies and cousins...

I'm not saying it's necessarily bad, although there are dangers for minors...I simply don't understand, and I don't suppose I ever will.
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