March 25th, 2004


Good news for the hometown... (

An Alabama-based company that manufactures wheel and drum components for heavy trucks and trailers will invest nearly $25 million in a state-of-the art plant near Tell City, company and local officials announced Wednesday.

When operational in January, the facility will be the most advanced manufacturing facility in the county and will employ a projected 82 people at an average hourly wage of $14. Site work for a new 108,000-square-foot facility could begin as early as next week.

82 jobs doesn't sound like much to me as I sit here in San Diego, but there, it's a good deal. There's also the construction costs to consider, many of which will benefit the local economy too.

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Well, I'm decidedly all set up now. I'm committed to 270 (er..268 remaining) hours of curriculum development work with St. Vincent de Paul Village, and wow! That place is amazing. I had no idea that it was so big or that it did so much stuff!

I I'm back onboard ship again, with no time to do something important that had to be done yesterday. I had forgotten how much I missed that feeling...and also how much it wears me out.

Most of all, I just want to do a good job. It's too important to mess up.
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