March 6th, 2004


And one more class.

This next course deals with touchy-feely human resources stuff that I've managed to avoid when I could.

But it doesn't seem too bad yet. Today's assignment (that I am putting together this morning, bad me) deals with systems thinking and leadership and such. I see hints here and there of what the Navy's trying to do, but I wonder if you can really adapt such things to a military hierarchy...and then I figure out that it's just that which is the big obstacle. We're resistant to letting it go completely, because we know that there are some situations where Things Must Be Done Now and aren't open for discussion. The trick is for everyone involved to know when those situations exist.
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On the way home from class, I took a side street and looked for a charity store. I had the urge to shop for books, and charity stores are about the only way to afford my fix.

The one I tried to visit had closed, so, since I was parked, I went into an antiques store. I saw four lovely Zane Grey books from the 1930's and was really pleased until I saw that they were $10 each. Blech. I left them on the shelf. A bit of research at ABE Books showed me that my first instinct was correct...they were priced waaaaayyyyyy too high. I was pleased, though, to pick up a battered 1905 copy of The Return of Sherlock Holmes for $2, which might be a buck more than it's worth but the shipping would make up the difference.

Happy now. Got my book-buying fix for the day. Hope it holds for a while.