March 2nd, 2004


The end of the uncertainty...or the beginning of the confusion

Yesterday we finally got word that a bunch of us are really, officially moving to ATG on April Fool's Day. Seems appropriate.

So the uncertainty of who and when is gone, but the confusion over exactly what we'll be doing is now in full swing. I just hope it doesn't mean more underway time. That would suck, particularly since I don't intend to reclaim the time at the end of this tour. I've been planning what's going to happen in July 2007, and having to stick around until September or November 2007 just isn't going to work for me.

Gah. And I'm to look cheerful and motivated and ready to dive into whatever comes up.

Opportunism strikes

(More ranty than normal.)

A young reservist in Texas is suing the state because the state won't pay him compensation for injuries in Iraq. He argues that since his injuries occurred after the end of major combat operations, he is entitled to compensation from the state's Crime Victim's Fund as a victim of terrorism.

What bullshit.

While he will require much assistance to overcome the loss of his leg, tapping into the crime victim's fund makes a mockery of the reason behind the fund. He was a soldier, a volunteer soldier, who was serving on active duty in uniform in a hostile enviroment--"war" was not over, and still is not. By his reasoning, the soldiers injured in any military action could be considered "crime victims."

People like this opportunistic bastard and his bottom-feeding lawyer uncle make me ill.

Article here.
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