February 18th, 2004


Back home again in Indiana.

Caught early flights out of both Lindbergh Field and O'Hare, so got where I was going before Dad had even left the house to come and get me. Decided to rent a car instead of making Dad drive for two and a half hours round trip. I now know that I'll never buy an Accord; the road noise was terrible. Found three good radio stations becfore I even left the city, although it was odd not to hear at least one Spanish-language staion. On the drive to my folks' house, I figured out what to do with that unfinished little ghost story. I wrote some of it last night, only half-way through considering that it might be ill-advised to write ghost stories in a house that I suspect to be haunted.

Grandma is in a room now, but in the end, everything's still going to be up to her. I doubt she intends to live as an invalid. In fact, she dusted the house BEFORE having Grandpa call the EMTs. But that's Grandma. Can't die and leave a dirty house for people to see.

Off to visit now.
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