January 29th, 2004


Rich or Poor?

Once upon a time, $50,000 a year was a great salary for buying a home. But, according to a new report, people who make $50,000 are now considered low-income and will have a difficult time becoming homeowners. (from local news.)

And yet, every time I listen to a political candidate, he tells me that the tax cuts only benefited the wealthy. But I remember cashing that check, and reading over the forms this year it looks like I won't pay as much -- well, I'll pay more, because half my income isn't tax-free this year, but the percentage is lower. And my home state taxes didn't rise at all. (BTW, it's my state taxes that incline me so much towards a flat tax rate.)

So which is it? Am I wealthy, or poor?
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More joy.

Today I discovered that my knee really isn't ready to go running. Everything felt okay for most of the run, but afterwards the aching started.

And then there's the whole mess at work...

I wish that this week was the one I took off.
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