January 20th, 2004


I lub work!

12 hour Pseudoephedrine tablets and Stash's Moroccan Mint (green tea with peppermint, spearmint, and lemongrass) helped me make it through the day without coughing so much.

Thank goodness I only had to teach two topics today. The air conditioning quit working, though, on the last topic of the day (mine, of course), so it was an effort to keep everyone alert.

Apparently instructor-me followed me home, because girlchild is starting to get annoyed when I give positive feedback for everything she gets right on her homework. (Very good! Yes, that's it!) She's writing about a news article, and the cursive-only rule is giving her fits. I am reaching for the patience....


Are proper punctuation and good grammar really so difficult? Do schools not insist on them any more?

Seriously...I've seen things online that my eight-year-old could correct, and they weren't written by non-English speakers. One might argue for message over format, but who would buy food in dirty packaging?

Practice improves everything, so why leave the grammar in the English classroom and write like an ignorant fool everywhere else?
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