December 16th, 2003


Leave is great.

So we took the girlchild to Disneyland yesterday instead of taking her to school. Had a lovely relaxed time.

Paying for it today. Knee feels a bit swollen and is achy, so doing the laundry is out. Might not do any cleaning at all today, in fact. Might just enjoy the day off.

Clean tomorrow. Yeah.


Thank goodness the Constitution is so blasted hard to amend. I think the whole business of an amendment defining marriage is doomed to fail.

Whoever said that marriage is a sacrament had it right, too. I quite agree, and the term marriage ought to be exclusive to religious ceremonies. Let the churches and synagogues and mosques and temples and such determine what constitutes marriage among their members, in whatever gender or quantity considered moral by the standards of that religion. Leave the government out of it.

Drop marriage from anything to do with government. In it's place, have household unions or somesuch, defined by legal contracts equivalent to those understood by the current marriage ones. Make them as difficult to dissolve as a divorce is, and while we're at it, why not permit them to be for limited terms if the parties desire? (Yeah, I love Heinlien.)

Poly groups? Sure. It's not for me but it suits some people. Put them all under a household contract.

Let family members form household groups. If two sisters live together with assets in common, treat them like any other pair of people in any other household group.

There are problems, of course. Taxes - but I think the tax system needs serious overhaul anyway. Healthcare benefits for family members - but what, really is the difference between covering a three-adult household and a two adult one child household? Sorting it all out would be a neat trick, but in the end, worthwhile, I think.

And by the way, it isn't about gay rights with me. Quite frankly, the term makes me cringe, since I don't particularly feel that people have rights based on gender, orientation, race, or religion. It's about recognizing that a society consisting of family household units of various varieties is inherently stronger than a society with a this-or-nothing approach.
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Someone got his panties in a twist...

And decided an entire entry was meant for him.

It wasn't you, sweetie, that mentioned that you learned about Uranus from Pinky and the Brain...but if it pleases you to feel unjustly accused so you can bitch about it, then be my guest. Oh, and the rest wasn't exclusively meant for you either, dear. That was reserved for the handful of accusations that someone else made.
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