December 11th, 2003



About four years ago, some friends and I walked into The Kangaroo Pub in Kowloon. The fellow there gave us girls a round of something heavenly, and unfortuately, when we left the bar much later none of us could remember what it was. We'd been given a lovely chocolate cream liqueur, and, try as we might, none of us could find it when we got home. Godiva's chocolate liqueur was good, but it wasn't quite right since there was no cream in it.

Well, today, while searching for that perfect gift for the office holiday party (I bought a Stoly kit with a shot-glass ice mold), I found E&J Cask & Cream Chocolate Temptation, which is a lovely cream liqueur. One sip and it starts to warm you right away. Mmm. Did I mention that it tasted pretty good? There's the alcohol taste, of course, like Bailey's, but the chocolate cream is so smooth....

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