December 1st, 2003


Mild annoyance.

When I read opinions or listen to the news, it seems to me that when those on the far right disagree vehemently with someone on the right, they are held up as an example of someone exercising their right to free speech. When someone on the far right does the same thing, they are accused of trying to suppress opposing viewpoints. It doesn't seem to matter which extreme has the political power at the time, either.

I hold the firm opinion that it is no less an exercise of free speech when someone decides to protest things like Tim Robbins's nasty little play than it is for him to make it in the first place. Even if it is full of crap. But hey, no one ever said such things had to be good. Look at Michael Moore.
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Whee! Another quiz... seen in buymeaclue's lj, but with a different result:

Oh dear, you are Bookish, aren't you? You are a
highly intelligent and witty bluestocking,
whose beauty is hidden behind spectacles. Your
dress sense is eccentric and a little
unfashionable, and you consider yourself plain.
You have very little use for men, who find your
knowledge of Shakespeare, interest in politics
and forthright speech formidable. You are
undoubtedly well-off. The only reason for your
presence in a novel of this kind (which, I
might add, you would not dream of reading,
although you have occasionally enjoyed the
works of Miss Austen), is your mother, who is
absolutely determined that you will make a good
marriage. Rather than defying her directly,
you are quietly subversive, dancing with anyone
who asks you, but making no attempt to hide
your intellectual interests. The only person
who can get past your facade is the man who is
witty enough to spar with you, and be amused at
your blatant attempts to scare your suitors
away. While you will, no doubt, subject him to
a gruelling cross-examination to find out
whether his respect for your intelligence is
real or mere flattery, you may be sure that he
is your match, and that you, he AND your mother
will all live happily ever after

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