November 29th, 2003


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Had some thinking to do today. Read something several times, and finally decided to ask the author for clarification about it. Probably not the wisest of choices.

But after much more thought today, I have figured out that I misunderstood what was bothering me most about the following grouping:

transexuals, abortions, STDs, ex offenders, military, disabled, refugees

It's because the grouping is such a mixed bag of those who live recklessly with those who do not.

STDs (those who get them), ex-offenders...these are, for the most part, people making a choice to live the way they do. Not a lot of pity here if life isn't rosy, although I do recognize that ex-offenders need to have jobs and resources if they want to remain ex-.

Arguably transexuals have no choice. Still, I think employers have the right to expect employees to turn up to work dressed appropriately for their plumbing, since how the public reacts to persons who do not can affect business. Who cares what they wear otherwise, eh?

Disabled/refugee - now there's something people jump at the chance to be. Not. By and large, it's through no fault of their own that people end up in those categories. I have nothing but contempt, though, for people who use 'disabled' status to demand ridiculous accomodations. Like that grossly fat woman on the east coast who was suing because her public housing wasn't large enough for her large person.

Abortions - again, a situation most people don't want to be in. I also have contempt for those who have multiple abortions as a form of birth control. That's just plain wrong, IMHO, when there are so many other alternatives. Doesn't mean I'm anti-abortion, though.

Military - despised at times, "Dogs and sailors keep off the grass" and all that, but still, a different mental slot for me. Perhaps because I can see, if not understand, the reasons for some folks to be anti-military.

So, does expecting some folks to live with the consequences of their actions make me a bigot? I don't think so, but I've been known to be wrong.
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As predicted, Bud likes to sleep under the tree, on the convenient blankie (otherwise known as a tree skirt) that we put down for him. He especially likes it when the lights are on.

Well, what would we expect from a forest cat?

In other news, the big Campbell's soup balls are hanging in the kitchen as promised, and they look pretty good. Grandma always sends us one, and we always find ways to use them without actually putting them on the tree.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....