November 28th, 2003



The girlchild was old enough this year to help put the tree together, and then help her papa string lights. This year we again have a railing to twine the fake garland around. We originally bought it to hang all around the ceiling of our living room when we had two cats and a toddler. We hung all of the ornaments from it instead of from a tree, and it worked out fine.

I'd love to get one of those luxurious velvet tree skirts, but I'm thinking the cats are going to sleep under the tree so we're still using the quilted one my grandmother made for me.

The kitchen has a translucent drop ceiling with fluorescent lights above it (can you say 1970?) and I think we'll suspend the Campbell's soup ornaments from it in random spots rather than grouping them all on a hook.

I forgot we had so many Christmas cds.
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