November 24th, 2003


Road Rage

Watched a fellow on a bicycle cross the street today while I waited for the light. A car making a right turn paused for him -- much better than running over him, I suppose -- and its driver either said something, gestured something, or the bike rider was irked by how close the car passed.

So this grubby fellow on the bike stops in one lane of the street, yells something at the car -- which is now proceeding down the street -- and almost looks like he's going to set off in hot pursuit.

I sat there wondering what the heck the fellow was thinking. He didn't have a chance of catching that car, and would likely end up getting run over by traffic, since the street wasn't that well lit.

I suppose some people just feel better when they've had their say, no matter what.

How people learn

In the interests of improving learning -- and particularly in remembering where to find all of these links again the next time I need them for class -- because the more a person understands why they learn the way they do, the easier it is to come up with strategies learn easier, faster, and better.

A discussion of different learning styles.

Felder-Silverman learning style and discussion on how to make the most of your learning style.

(above three links drawn from SIU's WED 384 e-Learning Unit.)

Kolb model.


And that odd little brain thing that got passed around email seems to be a Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
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