November 22nd, 2003


Things I must do.... no particular order:

~Clean up this pit.

~Send along a few coposts for AFW.

~Finish the sample test pack due next weekend. The test item question-questions are written, but the sample work project, evaluation sheet, identification problem, and...uh...whatever the heck else it was still need doing. Then the whole thing gets formatted, printed, and bound.

~Study for the damned test next weekend. I didn't care for the questions on the midterm - he seems awfully fond of Grondlund's rule #18 for multiple choice item writing - which is that all rules can be disregarded for a good reason. What the heck? What kind of answer is 'A and B, but not C' in multiple choice? And for the record, I hate standardized scoring. My military-warped mind has become so performance-oriented that I really detest relational grading - your grade is in relation to everyone else.

~Write more on story.

~Start doing Christmas-preparation stuff, like writing cards and such. I will send cards this year. Which reminds me...must get mint fudge oreos for shipment to New Zealand.

And with all of this to do, here I sit, journalling time away. Why did I come downstairs? Oh, yeah. Paper towels to clean the bathroom mirror.
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Last night we stopped off in Cost Plus to check out their christmas ornaments. Girlchild and I also looked at candle holders and such, and she picked up one of the lanterns and immediately started quoting from Peter Pan.

Ever the little actress. I thought it was cute, though.
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No NaNo...

...but 1065 words of something else. Something strange, mostly narrative, and probably not usable for anything except to get the story out of my head so that I can hear Roald and Alessandra again. (Gah. Isn't that a name out of a bodice-ripper? But it means 'defender', and she insisted.)

Got that copost mostly done, too.

Order reigns in the bathroom, at least until morning, and the bedroom is nearly tidy. The problem with things being scattered all over is that they really didn't have a place they were _supposed_ to I've been deciphering where things go.

Rambling. Bedtime.
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