November 21st, 2003


Silly Pern quiz.

You are Moreta, whose heroic ride brought life to
so many, but only death and between to herself.

The Ultimate PERN Quiz!
brought to you by Quizilla

Although I found that I 'was' whoever was assoicated with whichever book I sad was my favorite. Except I never come up as Lessa, thank goodness - I get F'lar on those two books. Go figure, eh?

But I liked the picture.

A matter of words

Trousers, pants, britches, breeches....

I spend time trying to figure out which word fits best. 'Britches' sounds to common -- too hick for my character, 'breeches' sounds like something a fellow wears in a bodice-ripper, 'pants' sounds too modern, and 'trousers' sounds too stuffy.

I think I'm stuck with trousers, though, 'cause Roald absolutely refused to wear the kilt I offered to write into his wardrobe.

Moving right along

NaNo words tonight: 689
Total: 4180

I suppose I ought to give it more of a working title than "NaNovel" since I'll still be writing in December. And January. And on through 2004, if my progress to date is any measure.

Hmm. Something trite. Bloodsworn. Chalice of Malice. Something that would be written above a picture of a woman in skimpy leather with a big sword, and a shirtless fellow standing behind that looks like he might have a that I'd like to see any of that but it rather amuses me right now.

But I will finish it. Is a year reasonable? A year to write, edit, rewrite, solicit feedback, rewrite.... Reasonable?

Coo! WORD will put the count into the toolbar, and all I have to do is click 'recount' to be instantly devastated at my snail's pace. Or overjoyed when I cross another thousand mark. Or whatever.
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