November 12th, 2003


A good day

NaNo total to date: 2950. I tried for the other fifty, but Chapter Three was definitely finished, and Chapter Four wants to percolate overnight.

Had my security clearance interview today, and I was amused. The fellow asked questions about my divorce from my first husband, and of course, I had no clue where he is right now. Haven't seen the man since 1993. The fellow seemed pretty surprised that I couldn't remember the stated reason for the divorce...heck, it was one of those fill-in-the-blank thingies, file, and wait six months for it to be final. Then he asked me if my ex would have anything adverse to say about me. "Well," I said, "that depends on if you classify the words 'ice cold bitch' as adverse. He introduced me that way a few times. Yeah. We got divorced because he was stupid." I thought the poor man's eyes were going to bug out.

I really wonder what that report is going to say.
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