November 2nd, 2003



This morning I put my glasses on the bed, which I now understand was a stupid thing to do, and when I hopped onto the bed to tug a towel off the bar (we've got one of those metal frame four-poster beds with no canopy) I felt them bending under my knee. I couldn't bend them back, so it was time for new ones.

Now, back in January I'd thought of getting new glasses, but obviously had to wait until I had all of my vision back. Turns out, my prescription is still the same, which I pretty much knew but had to pay $54 for an optometrist to agree.

(Here is where I mention that I could have had the Navy do it for a couple of weeks or so. Then I could have got free glasses, too, and although they aren't as ugly as they used to be they still aren't so spiff and it still takes about four weeks to get them.)

I am amazed at how quickly I did pick glasses. After all, they are the one item that I wear day-in, day-out, 24/7. And yet, I pick new glasses in thirty minutes or less, and I can expect to wear them for three years, at least. The others went for at least four, probably longer. At least lenses were half-off; that saved about $80.

So after walking around the mall for an hour, working on a headache because my glasses aren't in the right position in front of my eyes, I get the new ones and enter the 'adjustment period', where my eyes get used to the subtle differences in viewing area.

At least I found replacements for some of the things girlchild lost in her backpack.
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