October 30th, 2003


Fire rants

A darned good map from the North County Times showing the Cedar and Paradise fires. From the same source, here is the updated version of the same map I've posted the last two days.

Collapse )

So many other things about this fire are pissing me off I can't even speak about them. Collapse )

I'd better stop. I have no polite words.
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Eeek. It is nearly Halloween, so that means it is nearly NaNoWriMo time. Now I fret. What the heck was I thinking? And yet, I am excited to be committed to writing every day.

Tomorrow girlchild will dress in her costume and we shall go to a movie, since the air is still not back to normal and the winds stir up the ashes.

But I shall not stay up late to start the novel. I shall get up in the morning and start.