October 21st, 2003


Packing and plotting


I just boxed up a pair of throw pillows (khaki colored, of course) and a fleece throw and am sending them off to my old ship for the CPO mess – in memory of all of those times I sat on the couch and said “What we really need is a couple of throw pillows.” J.K. agreed with me when I rode them out to Hawaii, so I’m sending them to her instead of the CMC. J.K. knows me; he doesn’t, really.

Also packed for the underway tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll be embarking pierside early early, or via RHIB later in the day, but I packed lightly for once. So far I’ve tucked in a book on Plot, one of my favorite notepads (yay – found them at the Exchange today), and clothes, of course. The laptop stays home since I don’t feel like carting it around. I think I shall get one of the padded backpacks from Dell. Anyhow, I resisted packing much – after all, I’ll be back Friday.

Hope the knee handles the steel decks, but I doubt it will. After the 30 minutes on the elliptical machine thingy this morning it was swollen again. Sigh. I don’t think the Mobic is helping at all. Must remember to pack Tylenol. And the wrap thingy. Sigh.

Pens! I must go pack writing implements!

The elliptical thingy is proving to be excellent for character development. This morning I figured out where She and He met before this story. I think I can make it plausible that He remembered other features besides Her face; He’ll remember some of her other assets, lol. I just have to work out some timeline issues, as this seems to involve three generations. And names. She and He need names, but those must fit with the language base of the place. I figure I’ll plot out a simple map and sketch out some history to build the story on while I’m underway this week.

Or am I making this too hard?
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