October 19th, 2003


Cool stuff I wish I had in my house.

I'd love to put one of these hot tubs on my patio, but alas. $3K is a bit too much for us right now.

I'd not heard of Ambient Intelligence until I ran across an article on another website, but after reading this brochure from the Phillips website...I am in awe. There is more here, and a photo page here. The jukebox would let you hear the song that has been running through your head,thereby fixing it firmly in place - imagine those days when you find yourself absently whistling Don't Worry, Be Happy and then the damned house plays it back to you. Of course, the last thing an ADD child needs is technology playing on the mirror while she is supposed to be brushing her teeth, so perhaps we'd skip that part.
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I am looking forward to NaNoWriMo. Major scenes are blooming in my head, the two main characters are taking shape, the background is firming up, and the plot is settling down to something coherent.

Tattoos, cups, magic, fighting, politics, books...sounds like fun.

Must decide, though, if the laptop is getting underway with me. I get anxious when it gets hoisted aboard from the RHIB - but at least it will be a destroyer instead of a cruiser. I love Arleigh Burke class destroyers.