October 18th, 2003


Much Ado About Nothing

Specifically, the Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson version. Wonderful. We were all laughing - even the girlchild, who chuckled wickedly over Benedick's comment about hanging his...bugle.

I didn't even go near the computer the whole time it was playing...and that is saying quite a lot.
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Don't mess with me, I can still fry your bum!
Well it seems like you're already a ring bearer,
you don't need the Ruling Ring. Of course, you
constantly think of all the things you could do
with ultimate power!

If You Received The One Ring, How Would It Affect You?
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Since I look nothing like Galadriel, Cirdan, or Gil-Galad - or Gandalf or Elrond, for that matter - does that mean I must have one of the seven?

That would explain the beard....

Courtesy of M-A

This site made me feel old. Well do I remember playing Donkey Kong on our Colecovision, and Pac-man, and War Games. I particularly liked War Games when I was in a bad mood, because I just let the missile tracks drop rather than shoot them. Little did I know I'd ever sit at a console hoping I wouldn't have to shoot down inbound tracks (aircraft and antiship missiles, not ballistic ones) for real.

And for more history - I found a Lemmings disk when I was cleaning out the boxes of computer stuff. Gosh, I loved that game.
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