October 7th, 2003


Total Recall

Amazing. The final count of signatures on the petitions to get the recall on the ballot was over two million. That is way, way more than they had needed.

And now it is over, and the ballots are being counted. It looks like Davis is out and Schwarzenegger is in. Even better news is that the voter turnout is estimated at 60%, and both 'Yes, recall' and Arnold are projected to get more than 50% of the vote. So much for all those sour jerks who were predicting doom and gloom. California voters have spoken...no, they have shouted.

Even my eight year old can figure out that this is a good thing...of course, she hears quite a bit of news radio.

I think all that Nazi crap they were slinging at Arnold was ridiculous. My great-grandfather was a democrat...does that automatically make me one? Hell, I think that Adolf Hitler did a few things right - and he must have been one heck of a charismatic person to get elected. The incredible evils he perpetrated more than outweigh any good he ever did, though. I suppose I should never run for office now.

And I have very definite opinions of women who hang out near gyms where bodybuilders hang out....