October 4th, 2003



...and tidy. I swear I come down the stairs and think I'm in someone else's apartment. Maybe I'll try pictures later so I'll remember it was this way once. The added motivation of having classmates come to the house for a meeting helped spur me to that last bit of this weeklong effort. We're down to just a couple of boxes downstairs, mostly holding files and the music boxes and other breakables.

I've thrown away a whole lot of trash. Too bad it all got carried here first.

The thrift store mission did get rid of the educational software that girlchild outgrew (some had 5 1/4" disks included!) along with some clothes she also outgrew, a couple of books, and two computer memory cards, age and condition unknown.

Of course, no trip to the thrift store is complete without a browse through the book section, and I found some wonderful things! I got a slim volume that was published in 1945 (Patrick Henry and the Frigate's Keel and other stories of a Young Nation, three junior reader editions from '56-57 (Captains Courageous, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Davy Crockett), and three sf/f book club editions. Then I walked my happy butt down to the next thrift store and picked up five books for the girlchild...and she read one after dinner. Go kid!
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