October 3rd, 2003



The couch is delivered and assembled and most of the living room has been rearranged to accomodate it. There is some uncertainty as to where the recliner is going. My deepest desire is to move it into the bedroom, but I'm going to want to sit in it and watch tv, and we haven't purchased an additional TV yet.

I think it's going to have to go near the window, and we'll risk the fading. I expect we'll want it recovered when we finally move to our permanent home to get rid of the cat damage.

Yesterday we found the remainder of the hardware we need to properly hang the weapons on the wall. Two simple boards full of straight coat pegs will hold tonfa, escrima, and kama quite nicely, and we saw some neat hooks that will hold that cheap little sword in its sheath. We're still hunting,though, for the hardware for a few other things. I intend to hang the belt-boards in the stairwell too, along with various pictures of them in their karate uniforms.

Things are coming together in the apartment. Yay!