September 30th, 2003


And another day of vacation is over.

Finished sorting software today. Then had to check it all and see what games loaded on the Dell...and there went the day. Sheesh.

I did make it to the school to pick up more trash, but since I stopped at Home Depot to get a lightbulb for the aquarium (gotta change the water tomorrow) and ended up looking at hardware for the armory wall (that's what most people call a stairway, but don't worry. The ones that go boom are stowed safely yet ready for immediate use.) Decided a couple of shelf brackets might work for standing the staves on end. Will try that when hubby gets home, as both his and girlchild's staves are at the dojang. (And I have no idea how to spell that.)

Site for the day: Scary Squirrel World, which outlines the insidious plotting of the squirrel population.

Tomorrow is the first day of October. NaNoWriMo registration begins.
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