September 29th, 2003


One of my favorite obnoxious bar songs... the I-95 Asshole Song, although I didn't know what it was called.

Now I just gotta find The Rodeo Song, or whatever it is called. "Well, it's forty below and I don't give a ****, got a heater in my truck and we're off to the rodeo!"


Maybe I'm thinking of these today because CMT had Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr singing together, and one of the songs they sang was about not being able to use the "f-word" in country music. Kid Rock really can sing. I was surprised.
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What a vacation....

So this week I am on leave, and what did I do? Well, I changed the sheets on both beds, finished filling out the postcards for a school fundraiser, washed, dried, and folded seven loads of laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, scrubbed out the litterbox, and currently have scattered the contents of two boxes of computer stuff across the kitchen table for sorting.

I think I need to go back to work!
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