September 28th, 2003


(no subject)

Another weekend gone. We moved the armoire from the corner to the wall the stairs are on. Heavy! But it doesn't look as bad as I feared, and once we get the brackets for the surround speakers this place is going to be great. Oh, and we need to get the couch, too.

That stuff is waiting until the truck goes in to be fixed. It doesn't wanna turn over right away, and I suspect that the starter is going...and we may need a new battery as well. This week is prime for repair time since I have the week off...and oh, it is smog check time too. Hope it doesn't need much work for smog cert.

(mutter mutter grumble grumble move to somewhere reasonable grumble)

Unfortunately I took a nap this afternoon and am now awake...but I hope to rectify that here shortly.

Interesting page of the day: with its wonderful selection of demotivational posters. I particularly like the ones for Goals and Indifference. And there is some other interesting stuff regarding the :-( smiley on the site as well.