September 17th, 2003


Banned books.

According to The American Library Association, September 20-27 is Banned Books Week.

The number one most challenged book(s), 1999-2000, is/are Scary Stories (Series) by Alvin Schwartz...well, two of them are among girlchild's favorites. So is Harry Potter, checking in at #1 for 2002. While I doubt we'd be reading Daddy's Roommate or Heather's Two Mommies because they just don't meet our interests, I think we just might make it a family effort to read at least one of the books on the list - that we haven't already read.

Of Mice and Men was challenged when I was in eighth I immediately checked it out of the library to see what the fuss was. That's what I hope girlchild will do, too.
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