September 14th, 2003


More unpacking....

We had a box that appeared to be full of magazines and such we wanted to keep (Cook's Illustrated, MZB's, things like that) and a few old binders from various training courses either hubby or I attended. The box was a largish cube that barely survived the lift into the truck and back out again (and again I am thankful for that dolly we had!) and it has stayed in the living room since we got here.

Today I decided it was going upstairs, so I asked girlchild to move everything out, move the box, and then put everything back inside. Turns out there were textbooks in the bottom, as well as a couple of award citations that somehow never made it into my permanent service record.

But that's not the good part. One of the textbooks was hubby's physical geography book from one of his community college courses, and I walked out of the kitchen to find girlchild sitting on the floor, leaning against the box, and eagerly reading about crystal formation.

Who cares how long it takes to get the stuff upstairs?
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Mmmm. The fall truffles are in at Godiva. The pumpkin ones...sigh...they make up for the television being full of football. Such a wonderful little ball of chocolate and spice and smooth yumminess....
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