September 13th, 2003


Musings at the end of the day.

I took the girlchild to karate last night and again this morning. She needed her two visits this week, and I suggested to hubby that I ought to be the one to take her lest he get roped into teaching the class. I was feeling protective of both hubby and girlchild; I thought hubby needed to take it easy for an evening and I knew girlchild is much happier doing tang-soo when he isn't her instructor. Net result: happier child and a hot supper after we got home. Whee!

Once again I thought about taking karate too, but I'd run into the same problem as girlchild does. I know that I cannot take directions from upsets the natural order of things. Of course, when I came home today and walked up and down the stairs a few times as I took cleaning supplies to the upstairs bathroom, my knee reminded me that it isn't quite ready for anything like that yet. Sigh. Must go to medical and get that checked out, since there is now a tender spot. I know what they will tell me: "You're too heavy, and that is why your knee is giving you trouble."

But I don't really feel fat. I feel like this is where my body wants to be at this stage in my life.

PRT is coming up again, and I'll stress, which means I'll eat....
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