September 12th, 2003


It lies, Precious, it lies!

You are a Ravenclaw!!! You're a smart-ass, pure and
simple. You know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING,
and you are NEVER wrong. Believe it if you want
to, but it's NOT the case. Never has been and
never will be. You're just stuck in a fantasy
world that even Harry Potter cannot rival.
Oh...and you are so get
the picture.

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A new evil emerges.

Today I met my new nemesis: The elliptical machine. Just when I thought nothing could drag me into a hate-need-hate relationship like the good old Stairmaster, along comes this thing. It's insidious; it requires less coordination than the Nordic-track thingy, and it doesn't throw you off the back like a treadmill. After twenty minutes, I felt like I'd been running forever.

And the blasted thing feels like it will really burn the fat. Sigh.
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